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The music therapist travels to clients' homes in the Chicago area, whether home is a private residence or long-term care community, or virtually via telehealth.

Working one-to-one, the music therapist will first assess the client to see whether or not music is a good medium to use in therapy to meet needs and bolster strengths. Based on the individual's responses, therapy goals are designed and subsequent sessions will use a variety of music "activities" designed to provide opportunities to meet these goals. Objectives are ever-changing, both designed to keep long term goals in mind as well as cater to the client in that moment.

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Group sessions can occur in a variety of settings around Chicago: long-term care communities, adult day programs, or virtually via telehealth. We provide 3 different types of group sessions: Clinical, Support, and Wellness.

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Music therapy clinical groups can be designed to target specific needs of a group, such as depression, transitions, anxiety, pain management, or dementia symptoms.



Music therapy support groups can be designed to give group members dealing with similar issues (e.g. depression, dementia, loss, coping with a new diagnosis) opportunities for camaraderie, support, and normalization.



Music therapy wellness groups for older adults are designed to provide participants with active engagement, meaningful participation, social interaction, and cognitive and sensory stimulation. 


Workshops & Educational Presentations

Presentations about music therapy, older adults, and related topics can be given in a variety of settings, including virtually. These workshops and presentations can include information about music therapy, case examples, and experientials.


When you are looking for a featured speaker for a conference, professional continuing education event, or community gathering, our team can work with you to create a workshop or presentation to meet the objectives you have in mind.



Special Events

One-time sessions can be set up either on an individual basis or for a group and can occur in person or virtually. Greater Chicago Music Therapy can cater the experience to meet your specific needs and preferences, whether for an individual client, a one-time group, or as a special event at an ongoing group. Examples include guest facilitating a Stroke Support Group, Intergenerational Experience, Memory Cafe, Life Skills Group, Recreational Club, or Residential Care Community Family Program.


Consultations & Staff Trainings

Greater Chicago Music Therapy provides education and training to those working with older adults to incorporate music in ways that are meaningful and engaging. Using music during care and daily routines can not only ease challenges found in the activities of daily living, but can enhance quality of life. We are able to provide consultation and training—in person or virtually—to help you incorporate music to help make the day better for care team members. 

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